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Asia News

Developed Countries Dumping E-waste in the Developing Nations

E-waste or electronic waste is when electronic devices such as mobile phones, tables, laptops, computers, digital cameras and toys, etc are dumped. These e-wastes are being dumped on the developing countries by the developed European countries. The UN has warned these countries against dumping the electronic wastes in developing countries as they spread toxicity. This […]

News USA

Will Trump’s Stern Measures On Immigration Hurt US Economy?

Economic experts say that President Donald Trump’s immigration policies may leave the U.S in risk of becoming poorer and weaker. Donald Trump during this Presidential campaign had promised to clamp down hard on immigrants who are undocumented. While fulfilling his promise, the records of deportation under him are becoming high. The futures of those immigrants […]

Europe News

Obama Says Hats off To Three Americans For Subduing A Gunman On A Fast Train

Three Americans have becomes stars overnight for subduing an armed ‘gunman’ on a high speed train in Northern region of France. The train was travelling from Amsterdam to Paris, when the gunman open fired, which wounded two passengers, before the trio overpowered them. When the Thalys train was crossing Belgium, the attack took place. The […]