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Trump Plans Cancelling Obamacare Leaving Millions of Americans Uninsured


The USA Congressional budget office recently announced on the latest upcoming insurance bill, which is likely to be passed and proposed by the newly elected president, Mr. Donald Trump. The office made a forecast that the bill might dismantle the existing programs of Obamacare in order to decrease the budget slippage.

Now Obamacare was a unique bill introduced by the previous president, Mr. Barak Obama and under this act, the government issued medical insurance for almost 20 million Americans. But according to the forecast Mr. Trump and other Republican members who are planning to vote for the new bill and to forward it to the office of the senate which will stop the Obamacare.

According to the CBO, if the new bill is passed and becomes a law, then it may create a huge impact on the unsecured Americans under the Obamacare act. Moreover, the CBO also expressed that the uncertain outlook of this law may turn 52 million of American people uninsured by the year 2026 and almost 28 million people if it remains unchanged. Along with the forecast, it also mentioned that approval of the bill in the senate will make the USA see a document of $337 billion in the federal budget.

With the forecast about the new upcoming bill, many discussions have arrived as some of the medical experts expressed that the bill will come up with a high rate of uninsured American and this it must not be passed. Some other group of analyst expressed that this bill will be nothing but a disappointment as it will make 14 million people to be uninsured by 2018. The Democrat members also expressed a threat as this bill may make the nursing homes to kick out the elder people and will make the insurance companies increase the premium charges.

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