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Hotels Are A New Target in Clash over Shelter to Immigrants

Many hotels in the United States of America have been reported to house migrants and has come under scrutiny. As per reports, the immigrants were arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. Many developing countries have residents who migrate to the US for jobs or to stay with their families. These migrants have been there since long and the United Airlines and America stated that they did not want to fly the separated families. Hotels like Marriott, MGM Resorts, Hyatt, etc. housed these migrants started feeling the pressure from their federations and general customers. 

This was because of the overcrowding of the hotels which made regular customers face issues with regards to the hotel facilities. The President of hotel union, D. Taylor, was reported to state that hotels are a means to welcome people from any corner of the world. He further added that hotels meant to house them and not jail them. Many advocacy groups have pressurized many hotel giants to not house the immigrants. ICE arrests the immigrants and instead of taking them to jails, keep them in the hotels which hotel bodies do not want to continue further. 

Many of the ICE detention centers do not allow immigrant families or children to be detained there, hence they use hotel room. It is easier for ICE to house them in the hotel rooms before transferring them elsewhere. US President, Donald Trump has planned to gather all migrants in one place before releasing the final deportation proceedings. The unions and advocacy groups who are against the housing of migrants in hotels have raised a stir and opposes Trump’s racist bill. They said that everyone must use their general power and expose this alliance. 

The consumers and customers are working together to unmask the alliance between ICE and hotels and force them to stop working together. The hotel giants have said that they simply want to continue with their business and not involved in any politics. Their work is to accept business without much questioning which is to provide shelter to people. They also said that working with the government is something usual for them. Many big hotels have housed flood victims or even host different kinds of events and happenings. Furthermore, when Trump released a statement which said that hotels might be used for detainment, all the hotel giants denied their cooperation saying this did not want this collaboration. 


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