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Revenues Drop in All Major Nigerian Telcos

The availability of multiple applications like BBM, Skype, WhatsApp are eating up the revenues of major Nigerian Telecommunication companies. With the budding apps, calling and short message services have taken the back seat and as a result, the telecommunication companies are facing a massive loss of revenue. A recent report has revealed that majority of […]

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Russia Imposes One Year Ban On Western Products

Russia, through its PM Dmitry Medvedev, officially announced on Thursday that it had banned imports of meat, fish, milk and milk products, vegetables and fruits from the European Union and countries like Australia, Canada, Norway and the United States. This was a major decision taken by the country’s president Vladimir Putin in response to the […]

Europe News

Grave Of Colonial Era Is Unveiled in Bolivia

A grave having nearly 400 people has been unearthed in Potosi-a Bolivian city. Presumably the grave consists of the remains of colonial-era miners and was discovered by workers carrying out excavations for the construction of a new building. The Potosi mine became the world’s biggest mining place after silver was discovered by the Spanish, long […]