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Windows 10 Soon To Be Released In 190 countries, 111 Languages

windows 10Recently Microsoft confirmed all new Windows 10 Operating System is soon to be released ‘this summer’ in 190 countries and 111 languages. In the blog post Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson announced that Windows 10 is specifically designed for multiple devices. However, Microsoft is yet to make the official announcement for the launch of the operating system, which is designed to power PCs, smartphones and connected devices.

Microsoft spokesperson has also announced this is for the first time Windows have also launched small footprints IoT (Internet of Things) devices will come along as Windows 10 launches. This new version of the Windows operating system can also power range of IoT devices- be it ATM machines or the intricate medical equipments.

Microsoft is working with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi to test Windows 10 on its devices. Even this US tech giant has also announced partnerships with Lenovo and Tencent to help the Chinese population upgrade to Windows 10. Devices with windows 10 will have biometrics including facial recognition, so that users do not have to think much about the password.


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