What Your Sleeping Position Says About You?

sleep positionsScientists are in favor of saying that your sleeping positions can say a lot about you. Robert Phipps, a UK based body language expert analyzed the results of a survey taken by a British hotel chain on preferred sleeping positions, while another research undertaken by Dr. Chris Idzikowski of Edinburg Sleep Centre also included 1,000+subjects who were being asked about their favorite sleeping positions and personality traits.

Let’s take a look at the six basic sleeping positions and the common personality traits linked with it:

About five percent of the respondents in the survey sleep in ‘starfish’ position. In this position a person sleeps on his back with his arms raised overhead. The personality traits of such a person is said to be quite a good listener and is not a limelight seeker.

Soldier sleeping position is actually a back sleeping posture, where the person lies straight with arms close to their sides. Individuals sleeping in this position are characterized with a quiet and reserved nature, but they have high expectations.

About 41 percent of the respondents in the survey admit they sleep like a fetus, hence their sleeping position is fetal. It is basically a curled up side position of sleeping. People who tend to sleep in fetal position have crusty exteriors, but quite organized.

Discussing side sleeping position, Yearner is another position where the arms are held straight out of the body. As per the survey reports, about 13 percent of the respondents sleeps like this, who are identified with an open minded and eager side to their character. However, these individuals are also cynical at times.

Log position is yet another sleeping position with arms down at the sides. Those individual who sleeps like a log are more often identified as a social and easy going. These persons are quite reliable, yet little stubborn.

Sleeping on the stomach, with arms overhead onto the pillow or more commonly known as free-falling sleeping position is preferred by almost seven percent of the respondents. These personalities are quite extrovert in nature.

The link between sleeping position and personality traits may not be precise at times, but the sleeping position has direct link with your well being for sure.

For an instance, back sleepers often tend to snore much, while on the other hand stomach sleeping position is said to be good for digestion. No matter what your sleeping position says about you, choosing the right position can certainly benefit your health.

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