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Canterbury Court Hears Of Cannibal Nurse Planning To Kill A Girl Of 14

A bizarre news shocked many when the Canterbury Crown Court heard about a cannibal nurse planning to kill a girl of 14 with an axe before eating her. According to the reports, it was said to the court that Nurse Dale Bolinger, 57, used the Dark Fetish Network (DFN) to discuss the process of beheading and eventually eating women andgirls for sexual gratification. Reports of Mr. Bolinger buying an axe just the day before of meeting with the girl has also been reported to the court. Bolinger though denies any attempts of meeting with the girl.

The court heard that an email address which was used by Mr. Bolinger is now under scanner of the FBI. Martin Yale, the prosecution told the jury that they were investigating the chats made about the rape, brutal killing and cannibalism of women.

The Kent Police told the court that FBI had passed chat logs on to the investigating officers and detectives, which contained online conversations on DFN. Prosecutor, Mr. Yale read out those chat logs between the alleged and others and there was a clear reference of beheading a 14 year old, eating children while their mothers were just watchers. The chats also brought forward clear evidences of referring to cooking and eating a pregnant women and her foetus.

Bolinger was arrested and taken in to custody by the Kent Police back in February following liaison with FBI officers in USA and was charged nearly seven months later. The trial follows now.

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