Couples Losing Virginity Now Had Much Better Experience Than Those 20 Years Ago

sexIt has been reported that sex between men and women has become increasingly satisfying in the present age. A survey has brought out the fact that people losing their virginity 20-30 years ago had a more difficult experience. Although the maximum pleasure was received by men, they also received maximum anxiety. For women, it was mostly guilt which cased the experience to be quite uncomfortable even, at times.

A research was conducted by the researchers in Illinois State University where over 5000 people in a Midwestern US university were questioned over a period of 23 years. The results were published in the Journal of Sex Research.

According to the research, women’s first time was a great deal back then which might have been the reason of men’s performance anxiety. Now, the idea of sex has lost its importance which has resulted in the men being more relaxed. Furthermore, it has also been concluded that losing virginity after a few years of relationship and intimacy is much better. People who did not engage in any sexual activity before 20 are said to have a more satisfying and full relationship, although they are less likely to find a partner.

Also, reduced sexism has also been considered a reason for the increased pleasure in first time sex.


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  1. Sex before marriage is wrong and unhealthy. U fully enjoy and satrtisfied after U re married to your spouse. This is the simple truth, but some people seems not to buy the idea

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