Engineer Blames Referee And ICC For Jadeja-Anderson Spat To Linger

Former Indian wicket-keeper, Farokh Engineer blamed the ICC and the match referee David Boon for making the Jadeja-Anderson controversy even worse. It was ICC that had given its verdict that both Jadeja and Anderson were not guilty of breaching its code of conduct and no cricketing formalities were violated.

Engineer played nine seasons for Lancashire County which is located in Manchester and is now a permanent resident here. He strongly condemned David Boon’s role and the International Cricket Council for letting the infamous spat between the two players to fester.

Engineer feels that such an incident could have easily tackled and sorted out in just a few minutes with a mutual understanding. He stressed on the fact that he did not know what exactly happened at Trent Bridge, but said that if he was the referee and found Anderson guilty he would have asked him to apologise or had nailed the issue in five minutes through a mutual settlement with the two players.

The real fact which got suppressed was that England and Wales Cricket Board was prepared to discuss an apology from the strike bowler of England, with the Indian team manager just before the second Test at Lord’s. However Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni was adamant and insisted to drag the matter to an ICC Judicial Commissioner, the request which was turned down and ICC rejected the idea of further probing into this matter.

Critics however kept on saying that Dhoni should have had a video proof ready by him to substantiate the incident, before going for direct confrontation and resulting in India’s embarrassment.


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