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Critics Against Gambling Advertisement Seeks Government Intervention

Critics against indecent advertisement on gaming in television channels have spurred a new row of anger, frustration and disappointment and it has been brought in consideration to Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s attention. On hearing such demand Prime minister has recommended strict disciplinarian actions on the broadcast of such gaming experiences that would entail legislative laws. However this procedure is time consuming and requires a revised policy to be circulated among the Australian communications and Media Authority. According to the proposal all sorts of gambling ads are to be withdrawn from the strategic time out or during the match break commercials.
To commercialize any sort of company’s brand identity like logo, banners or any such references is strictly prohibited to prevent the rise of bookies interference and for particular bookie Tom Waterhouse is claimed to be banned form the commentary team.

Nick Xenophone, the South Australian Senator has retorted that gaming advertisement in the commercial during the matches would lure up the tendency of game fixing so such types of commercials needs to be changed and henceforth not to be broadcasted. The ongoing commercials of gambling ads in between the matches have triggered the frustrations among the spectators so this change was important. There will be no breaks in between the live tournament and one can enjoy the gaming experience thoroughly without any interruption.

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