Renowned Sports Broadcaster Nick Charles Is Dead

The renowned CNN sports broadcaster Nick Charles is no more. He was battling with cancer disease and died on Saturday at the age of 64. Nick Charles started his life as a taxi driver and went on to become the first sports anchor in CNN since 1980.

Nick was paired with Fred Hickman for the next twenty years in one of the most popular shows on “Sports Tonight” and that show went on to beat ESPN in ratings. Even now, Nick and Hickman is considered as the longest anchor duo in television.

Nick Charles was once described by People’s magazine as the one of the most handsome and smartest man of America. While Charles was mostly known by people for his sports anchor days, of late he was getting support for his fight against the dreaded disease.

In a recent article, Nick described in details of the dying process and stated how he was preparing his family for the days when he will be no more. He said in those articles – “It is an imperfect world, but still it is beautiful. Life is just 20% what happens to you and 80% how do you react to it.”

Nick struggled in life from his high school days. He studied journalism and communication in Chicago college and used to drive a taxi in order to pay for his college fees. While driving the taxi, he used to practice for his career as a broadcaster.

During the fall of 1970, Nick auditioned for his first job on television. He got the job and it was $130 a week. So, at the age of 24, television world saw the birth of Nick Charles. There was a wonderful chemistry between him and Hickman and the duo clicked and shined in the world of television.

He has covered all major sports events which include Super Bowl to Kentucky Derby to Olympics. But his passion was always for boxing. May His soul rest in peace.


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