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Chattisgarh Congress Chief And His Son Killed By Maoists

It has been reported that the Congress chief of Chattisgarh and his son were found missing for quite for two days and finally their bodies were duped by Maoist who allegedly even seemed to have killed 25 other Congressmen in Jiram valley of Bastar area. The duped bodies of Congress chief Nand kumar Patel and his son Dinesh along with 8 others was discovered while it has been suggested that the rampant attack of the Maoist escalated the death ratio of the Congress leaders to 27.

After the attack the bodies were claimed to be the one of Congress chief  and his ill fated son and the security officials who has been terrorized and brought in their control at once. After their planned attack on the convoy of Congress officials they geared up to kidnap Patel his son and other security personnel.

One of the senior congress leaders Mahendra Karma died yesterday and former Union Minister VC Shukla suffered major injuries in the encounter by the sudden intervention of armed Maoists in the Bastar district of Chattisgarh. However Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has expressed his deep concern and condolences to the bereaved family and on meeting the sufferers he has admonished Maoist indecent and inhumane approach. He even inspired them to stand against all odds and fight against terrorism to the core since it’s an attack on democracy.


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