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Mubarak resigns: Army takes over power in Egypt

Finally, the curtain has been drawn. The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigned. In an official statement, Vice President Sulaiman said that Mubarak has relieved himself from the post of Presidency and has handed over power to the military. He has asked the military to run the country.

The Opposition leader said that it is the biggest day of his life and on hearing the news, thousands of protestors are seen to be approaching towards the Presidential palace to celebrate the occasion. People were also seen to be gathering in large numbers in front of the state TV in order to know the truth behind the news.

Egypt has been into massive turmoil for the past 18 days and there were nationwide protests against the Presidency of Mubarak. Incidentally, Mubarak happened to be always a close friend of the USA. The protests brought the entire economy to a standstill. People of Egypt are of the opinion that the rule of Mubarak has brought tremendous misery and poverty to the people of Egypt.

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