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Decision By Uganda Government To Change The position Of Top Army Commanders

The decision to change the position of top army commanders has spurred from the outcry of a controversy about the succession of President. It has been claimed by media that Uganda’s top chief commander Aronda Nyakairima has triggered a fresh spurt of controversy while breaking his silence in opposition on the issue whether Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba  would succeed him or not. He was thereby dethroned from his position and was allegedly shifted as minister of internal affairs.

The recent incident happened a month ago when Ugandan newspaper published this much hyped story of ex army commander’s satirical remark on President and his son’s provision to be the future president of Uganda and even manipulating a plot to assassin those who are opposed to this plan.
Those most of the influential people condemned his remark on the future plans of Uganda but majority have given their voice in his support.

On being contacted with the president it was claimed as certain ministerial changes and organized governmental procedures. It was made clear that there was no bitterness among the army chief and president but just minor and normal changes to be made effective for the proper functioning of the government.


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