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Taylor Swift’s Original Tour Date At Minute Maid Park Shaken Off By Houston Astros

Taylor Swift concert dateIt is definitely not the first time that a concert has been compelled to change its dates due to a possible playoff! There is a change in the original tour date of Taylor Swift at Minute Maid Park, following the announcement of the wild-card which leads Astro to have a home playoff match. Initially Swift was supposed to perform in the concert on October 13, but at it has been rescheduled to September 9, keeping in mind the playoff match of the Astros.

Houston did not make it to the post season since 2005, and it was not expected that they would contend even this season. The team had lost over 105 games in the last three seasons, and the Houston optimism was laughed at, for quite sometimes now! But the Houston Astro did make it, on Monday only a game back, in the American League West, which is indeed praiseworthy. Unlike other times, the change of dates have however been accepted amicably.The tickets which had been purchased for the October show, will accepted on September 9. But if anyone is unable to attend, due to the change, refund can easily be claimed from Ticketmaster!

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