Is The Patient In The Episode House Really Suffering From Smallpox?

“A pox in our House” telecasted on 15th November showed a patient has been brought to the house by the good Masters played by Amber Tamblyn. The first impression of the show is really impressive since the character is shown to be arguing with the doctor played by Dylan Baker. Actually, the doctor in the show was forbidding the team not to diagnose the patient who is already suffering from smallpox.

From the looks of the patient, it was quite evident that the patient is suffering from smallpox. It is a very bad and infectious disease which has been removed by the humans in the year 1979. Seeing the man in the serial, many people got puzzled with the idea whether smallpox is actually back.

But there is no reason to get worried since the character was done make up in such a manner that people would suspect that whether he is a real smallpox patient. All is well that ends well. The doctor will finally risk his life to make treatment of the patient within the house. At the end, it was found that the patient was suffering from a disease named rickettsialpox which can be cured quite easily.

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