Is Erin Barry Alone Responsible For The Affair?

It was disgusting to know that Tony Parker was cheating on his friend’s wife. The new mistress in his life is none but Erin Barry, who is the wife of his friend Brent Barry. People are really shocked and curious to know that Tony was having an affair with Brent Barry wife.

Brent Barry is a St Antonio Spurs player and the news was confirmed by none than Rick Barry, father of Brent Barry. Brent used to play with Parker from 2004-2008 and is on the middle of a divorce from Erin Barry. It was Erin Barry who has initiated the divorce and she may move out of the house soon.
Erin Barry
Erin Barry

Brent Barry wife Erin has a son with her husband and they were having a peaceful and happy home in San Antonio. It was really a happy home until Tony Parker came into her life. So, people are cursing him for breaking such a nice loving home. Are Erin and Tony Parker can be called homewreckers?

People consider Erin Barry to be a sexy lady who is an expert in fundraising activities.
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