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Take A Stand To Spread Cancer Awareness On “World Cancer Day”

Experts have been repeatedly warning that the number of cancer patients could go up to 30% in UK by 2030. This warning seems to be true when World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) reveals a data on World Cancer Day on Saturday that the UK is the 16th out of 27 countries in the European Union for the foretold rise in such cases.  It’s really a serious issue since the challenges due to the growing number of cancer patients is seemingly rising due to lack of people’s consciousness. So it has become very much necessary to start vigorous campaigns against the fatal disease.

Estimates shows in 2030 there will be 396,000 new patients suffering from cancer in the UK compared with 304,000 new cases were found in 2008 – a 30% rise.

This data may be different to facts released by Cancer Research UK during October, which estimated the number of new cancer cases in the UK could increase by 45% between 2007 and 2030 to 432,000 annually.

The increases could be due to several factors, particularly because of ageing population. Since the developed countries with higher income population tend to have higher level of obesity along with alcohol consumption and lack of physical exercise, therefore the risk of cancer also gets higher.

WCRF spokeswoman Dr Rachel Thompson has pointed out some interesting facts regarding cancer. He said nearly one third of the most common cancers in the UK and several other high income countries could be checked if people start following a healthy diet plan and become more physically active.

Since the recent facts and figures show an alarming truth that the estimated number of cancer patients in between 2008 and 2030 is 67% – from 12.6 million to 21.2 million across the world therefore cancer awareness programs become will be more inevitable to fight the disease. Though the major cause behind this would be ageing population, but lifestyle check can be definitely an effective solution for that.

A Department of Health spokesman tells the press on World Cancer Day that, they will be investing more than £750 million over the next few years to take care that people are diagnosed with cancer in advance and the latest cancer treatments becomes more accessible to common people. They will also conduct public awareness campaigns on the signs and symptoms of cancer.

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