World Cup Cricket Has Given A New Look To Bangladesh

Bangladesh is trying to give a new look and are trying their level best to give a nice impression about the capital city Dhaka. Huge posters urging the Bangla Tigers to give in their best and large cutouts have marked every busy street corner of the city. The hoardings at the crossings reflect the messages like what the government what the outsiders to know about them.

There are lighting cascades designed on either sides of the road which lead to the stadium. Large bats are displayed on the roads where common people are signing and urging the local players to bring the trophy back home.

Bangladesh cricket skipper Shakib Al Hasan said that it is the only event where Bangladesh gets qualified to play the world cup and hence people are very much excited to see them playing in a world cup event. Moreover, the cricket fever is more this time since Bangladesh is one of the host countries this time. The government has also urged the beggars to get removed from the city so that the people from other countries can get a better look of their country.

There are processions taken out by the fans on the road, which is making clogged the already slow traffic system. But how can Dhaka hide the cycle rickshaws on the roads from the foreigners as quite often, you can see some or the other coming on your shoulder.

JIT Mukherjii
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