Lady Gaga In A Raunchy Photo shoot Bares Her Assets

All Lady Gaga fans might get embarrassed as the popular singer has been seen bared in a promotional ad for Supreme. Recently a video has been published all over the web where Terry Richardson is capturing some of the raunchiest moments with soaking wet Lady Gaga in some “shockingly seductive” posses. French Magazine, Purple has featured the promotion of Supreme brand in early February which has created a hullabaloo among her fans. “The photos may appear to be little raunchy, but the shoot itself very well” claims the photographer.

The famous American pop singer came to spotlight after the release of her debut studio album The Fame (2008). Since then she never had to look back. Gaga is not only popular because of the melodious charm, but also her bizarre style of dressing along with an irresistible sex appeal. So it is quite apparent why she has been chosen as the model for the fashionable clothing brand Supreme. Gaga in the photoshoot goes exposed, without any cover on top or bottom part, trying to hide herself behind a fishnet-clad and skate-board across the middle only in the photo shoot with Terry Richardson, which was easily caught on video. But one question that is haunting the viewers is what was that little kid doing in the frame?

To view Lady Gaga “Supreme” photoshoot with Terry Richardson follow the link.

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  1. I can’t really call it seductive. O.o After all, I never find Lady Gaga seductive. She has a great body and all but her face isn’t just my type. =| And I don’t really call it embarrassing.

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