Was Crystal Harris Doing Double Play With Playboy Millionaire?

Crystal Harris has pulled off wedding with Playboy millionaire Hugh Hefner. The wedding was scheduled to take place on Saturday and suddenly, she pulled out of the wedding. She has moved out of the Playboy mansion following a loud argument with the Playboy owner.

Hefner has mentioned in his tweet that the wedding has been pulled off since Crystal Harris has changed her heart. Media reports are full with rumors that Crystal Harris once planned to ditch the Playboy emperor at the altar in front of distinguished guests. Lifetime, the well known US TV network planned to film the ceremony titled Marrying Hefner.

At the same time, she was secretly seeing the son of US talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, who is her songwriting partner. Manager of Crystal Harris denied all these reports and claimed that all these were baseless. He said that he had no idea of what happened. The only thing she knew was it was an amicable break-up.

Crystal Harris is 25 years old and was born to British parents in Lake Havasu, Arizona area. She settled in San Diego, California. The playboy founder is now 85 years old. She first met Hefner in 2008 at the Halloween party held at the Playboy mansion and moved in there within weeks. Last year, the couple got engaged in Christmas. People used to ask questions on why the 25 years old is going to marry the 85 years old man.

She signed a record deal with Organica Music Group and her debut single album “Club Queen” was released yesterday.


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