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Why China and Japan Are Fighting For 8 Tiny Islands

In recent times both China and Japan are in news due to a dispute between them relating to Senkaku Islands. It is believed that Senkaku Islands is one of the prospective areas of resource for oil and natural gas. Presently the two countries are in a tug of war claiming both that Senkaku Islands forms a part of their nation.

But the major question which is appearing in the mind of the political analysts is that why both the countries are getting into a dispute on the small uninhabited islands which are located in the East China Sea. As per experts territorial dispute played the key role in creating the dispute, besides another important reason being energy resource.

It’s true that the popular eight uninhabited islands are part of Japan’s southernmost area Okinawa. Till last year these small islands were won by a single family on a private basis and on the month of September this year the government of Japan declared that the lands were already purchased by them with a voluminous pay of $30 million and they dont have any plan to go for the development of the lands. This declaration created agitation among the people and government of China instantly crept in giving birth to this dispute.

Japan president promised to resolve this dispute in a peaceful manner while the Chinese president says that in the year 1895 Japan stole the lands from China. Time will reflect the real depth of the dispute as after World War II these islands were handed over to Japan by United States.

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