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See Hot Pictures Of Rekha Thapa, The sex Symbol Of Nepal

Rekha Thapa PicturesRekha Thapa, the 20 something hot actress of Nepal has joined the revolutionary Maoists group in Nepal. Giving a shot in the arm to the revolutionists, she joined their outfit in 2009 and is now aggressively campaigning for them.

Rekha Thapa is widely known for her appealing body and also many a controversies she has raised in her life.

rekha thapa sexy picRekha Thapa has also agreed to sign a new film with a director who is considered to be close to the Maoists. She also raised many a eyebrows when she made the revolutionary leader Prachanda dance with her in her short outfits when they were putting up a blockade in front of the Prime Minister’s office.

This month, Rekha Thapa has come a bit closer to the Maoists as she has turned to be a sister of Chandra Bahadur Thapa Sagar, chief of the Maoists’ much-criticized youth organization, the Young Communist League (YCL).

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