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Sex Scandal In Defense School Shocks Australia

It is shocking how people can create scandals amidst martinets in an Australian defense academy. The issue is distressful not just for the eighteen year old who was filmed while having sex with another cadet but also for the authorities of the defense academy.

She says she was having consensual sex with a male cadet, while six other men were watching from another room. As if this humiliation was not enough, there have been worse reactions to the issue. There have been people who have left shaving foam in her room in the dormitory because they blame her for the embarrassing situation.

The worst part of the whole situation was that a disciplinary hearing has been held wherein the girl has been questioned not just on the incident but also on her being absent on several occasions, that has caused a severe humiliation.

Stephen Smith, the Minister of Defense in Australia was quite empathetic and wishes to question the Chief Cadet instead of the girl in terms of the whole hearing. He has been pretty perturbed by the state of the girl during hearing but he does blame the girl for the consequences.

Many people have voiced their opinions on this issue. Elizabeth Broderick, the commissioner of Sex Discrimination stated how the ‘macho’ culture induced by a male dominated academy has made the situation even more difficult for a girl who cannot directly lodge a complaint against all those who have filmed her just after the incident. Besides Women’s rights, activists have also agreed with Broderick on the issue stating that the whole place has a sexist approach and hence he completely point of victimizing a female cadet.




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