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Panasonic Will Be Back With Their First Android Handsets

Few years ago Panasonic, a Japanese company stepped down from the mobile phone manufacturing industry. In spite of being a well-known name in technology industry, they could not promote their brand properly in international market as a leading mobile phone maker.

But time has changed a lot and this well-known company will be soon back with a bang through the launch of their upcoming Android-powered smart phones. This will be their first footstep in making Android powered device which are most likely to hit the stores in 2011 across Japan. Panasonic officials have confirmed that the global release of this new range of handsets will take place in the year 2012.

Panasonic stopped making mobile handsets for the global consumers back in 2006. Since then these handsets were only available in Japan. Now, after a long pause, the company is almost set to reappear in the international scene.

The details of the handsets are still unknown since the company is maintaining a strict silence regarding the matter. Till now our reporters of News365Today have only been able to reveal that these phone sets will be supported by Android Operating system. They are most probably going to start shipping in Japan in the upcoming months of 2011. But if you stay outside Japan then you need to wait for a year or more to get it from the international market along with some other models that are solely designed for the international consumers.

As per the experts these new models are expected to raise the company’s sale up to 15 million units worldwide in 2015 compared to the estimated sales of 5.4-5.5 million units in Japan by March 2011.

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