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US Sanctions On Cuba Calls More Protest

New US sanctions on Cuba calls more and unpredicted protest from Latin countries and China. The new move from US president Barack Obama had been furiously opposed in a summit held in Catagena, Columbia last Sunday. News agencies report that the situation was entirely different and odd for Obama while considering his first summit in 2009.

The prostitution scandal provoked by Obama´s security personnel and the US monetary policies had been highly criticized in the summit. According to political analysts, the US- Canadian hostile diplomatic line on Cuba failed to produce a result because of the protest from Latin countries.


In a press conference, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos responded that the Colombian summit failed to make a joint declaration over this issue. He also admitted that the suggestions proposed by various countries was contradictory and was a good sign of democratic health.


However, the Latin political analysts consider this as a dramatic change that is happening inside the allies of US like Mexico and Columbia. Both countries argued that Latin countries should invite Cuba for the next American Summit. The Latin leftist block already declared that they will not attend next meetings without the presence of Cuba. The summit also reveals the anxiousness of Latin countries over the Cuba´s exclusion and the US trade restrictions on the West Indies. The party of Hilary Clinton in “Cafe Havana” with Cuban music had become an ironic twist to the debate. Argentinian attempt to raise the Falkland Island issue was also a failure.

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