Who Will Win Dancing With The Stars 2010 Abc? Any Guess?

The final performance of Dancing with the stars 2010 final has been completed and the voting system is on now. Speculations are going around in the market regarding who may win the prestigious Dancing with the Stars 2010 competition, Bristol Palin or Jennifer Grey.

Dancing With The Stars 2010The fact that Bristol Palin has reached the final despite her not so impressive performances has raised many eyebrows in the market and it has drawn widespread criticism from the market. Critics are saying that since Bristol Palin is the daughter of high profile politician Sarah Palin, tea party supporters are voting in mass to see her daughter as a winner.

This has raised a serious question mark on the voting pattern of Dancing with the stars 2010 ABC. In the semi-finals also, performance of Bristol Palin’s competitor was much better than hers, but she defeated her by popular votes and entered the finals. Critics have started questioning the authenticity of the show, saying that this was originally a talent contest, but has never a popularity contest.

The message boards in different Internet forums is full with messages saying that they will stop watching Dancing with the stars if Bristol Palin wins the competition. This will also be a politically wrong step by Sarah Palin who is planning to run for the Presidential election in the year 2012.

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