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Cry of the Deprived Motherhood In Congo

Thousands of infants die in the Democratic Republic of Congo every other day. The country is totally intimidated on the sudden spurt of these unnatural symptoms of new born dying mercilessly. Millions of prospective mothers have suffered and are perishing under the agony of despair, their tale of rags stumbled on their way to happiness. The hues of cries, maddening frustration of hunger and poverty, undefined anguish and frail steps of stingy sojourn clouded their horizon of happy family life.

The most shocking story “their babies are dead” after 10 months of long struggle with poverty and adversities as they could not provide nourishment to their young ones developing in the womb and the consequences of which either their young ones dies or born malnourished too weak to face the challenges of life. There is a lack of medical facilities or awareness camps for the prospective mothers even the hospitals are built at a distant quite long than the concerned villages. The result of it is the increasing travelling cost which they cannot afford and the subsequently most of the babies suffers the premature death. The concern for these mothers bereaves the audience at large and the civilized society is sorry at their plight. Among those destitute only a handful is lucky to have survived the odds.

JIT Mukherjii
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