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Killer Mom Julie Schenecker Under Medical treatment

A Florida woman named Julie Schenecker married to an army intelligence officer allegedly shot her son during driving him home from soccer and subsequently killed her daughter.

This 50 years old woman has been arrested for committing first-degree murder. After she was taken to Tampa General Hospital for treatment of an unknown medical condition and was admitted in intensive care, according to the police report.

A police spokeswoman stated that Schenecker confessed that she killed her children since they were mouthy and she was exhausted of them.

Schenecker shot her son Beau, a13 years old boy, on this Thursday afternoon, using a .38 caliber pistol she just bought few days ago. After returning to home in a gated community in Tampa Palms, she supposedly killed her daughter, Calyx, 16 years, who was at that time busy in doing her homework.

Schenecker’s mother, who at present stays in Texas, called police saying she was concerned since her daughter was not receiving the telephone. Officers then went to the house and found Schenecker. At that time she was covered in blood on the porch.

Police found a letter which is supposedly written by her saying she planned to kill her children and herself.

Her husband, Col. Parker Schenecker, assigned to U.S. Central Command, was in the Qatar, Middle East when the shooting was taking place.

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