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Olympic Park To Be Opened To The Commons

With about 10 years and 12 billion euros spent in making and after hosting the Olympic successfully, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is now going to be an opened for exhibition for the common people from Saturday onwards.

The superb awe inspirational architecture of the park is stretched about 230 hectares around a knotted tangle of waterways and rail lines. The maker, London Legacy Development Corporation says that it is a combination of Hyde Park and Kensington Garden, covering a massive area, including the transformation of acres of forests and wetlands into ace sports arena and aquatic centre.

The northern part of the park was reopened in July and received overwhelming visits of more than a million visitors. Reports obtained say that it is expected to be visited by another 3 billion in the coming year since the southern part of the park will also be unveiled.

The park is going to be the biggest in Europe for 150 years.

James corner, its designer said that it was expected to be a perfect place for performance and plays, markets and festivals, circuses and events, as they had always endeavoured to bring the same idea of linear choreography and movement while designing the park as a sequential experience of outdoor rooms.

Undoubtedly the opening will draw more enthusiastic people and children also as the park comprises of playgrounds. With such an initiative common people will fancy visiting the park and hanging around with the historic stadium in the background, which is something aspired by many.

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