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Return Of The Dead Souls

Read the unsung stories of forgotten ladies, as they were lost and have been found after a decade or so. This is the indomitable spirit and enduring struggle of the three such ladies who were vanquished and exiled away from their family during the teens from their Cleveland house.
Out of her zeal to fight against the odds she gathered the courage and in a state of utter desperation called up the police just to inform her whereabouts. She is Amanda Berry – one of the victims of such vile plots. The case was filed about a decade ago.

The news of her being alive spread like a wildfire among the media and in an attempt to help the exiled lady from the clutches of rogue her neighbors came to the rescue. But she was bolted too tightly from outside on absence of that accused criminal who was reportedly told a bus driver and a connoisseur of music. But surprisingly she was not the only sufferer as two other mid aged girls along with two children were rescued from the den.

Though one of the prime accused of the three suspects were held guilty and were absconding. He fled with these misfortunes and locked up keeping them astray from their family. Berry’s mother died on waiting for her lost daughter while other two mothers have still kept their hopes alive.

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