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Save And Arrange Computer Files With A Unique Software

When we work in a large scale in our computer, we have to save lot of files daily. These files are saved mostly by hand using the computer keyboard and they are saved in different folders in the computer. It takes a lot of time and at the same time, sometimes it may also happen that we forgot where we have saved a particular file.

To avoid all these trouble, you can easily download and use batch rename files software which can help you to arrange the files and folders in your computer just with the click of a button. If you can set your preferred choice, the software will also arrange the files and folders just like the way you wanted.

Another interesting fact is that you can rename the MP3 and the WMA music files in your computer with the help of ID3 tag reading support. Any images which you have taken can be saved by the date they were taken. The software has also got the option of saving any file by the author name. You will be surprised to know that this batch rename files software has been priced at only $26.95 and you can purchase it online by going to their website.

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