WHO States Gaming Addiction Is A Disorder

World Health Organization has stated that gaming addiction in children is nothing but a disorder. In its 11th International Classification of Diseases it is named it as gaming disorder.  It is described as a pattern of repeated and constant behavior of involved playing and other daily activities taking the back seat.

This concern has been voiced by several countries and they agree that gaming is becoming an exceedingly public health concern.  Several countries along with United Kingdom have opened independent and exclusive clinics to set right gaming addiction. In their view unusual gaming behavior needs help if it continues in the set pattern for a year. In serious cases this time period may be shortened.  In both cases diagnosis has to be attributed. Symptoms of the disorder include flawed restrain in gaming based on repetition, extremity and span. Enhanced importance offered to gaming, and play continues in spite of neglecting other chores of daily living.

There is a segment of society which feels this disorder does not require treatment.  The issue has to be sensitized. Of course there are bewildered parents who feel their child is just a passionate player.  Researchers and psychologists come across some five dozen fresh cases of this disorder each year. Their foundation of diagnosis is based on how well the child is coping with sleep, food, mixing with other children as well as education comparatively.  Several countries are confronted with matter of departure.

In countries like South Korea the government has taken firm steps to control the addiction. Children below the age of 16 are disallowed to play games from midnight till 6 o clock in the morning. In Japan players are forewarned if games are played beyond stipulated time. China also has confined time limits on gaming. Other findings suggest that children use technology to finish homework and other similar activities. The matter is still at the development stage.

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