How Chronic Stress Can Be Influential To Immunity

According to a website, chronic stress affects the activity of the gene in the immune cells, which aim at battling out an actually non-existent infection or trauma.

While suffering from the repeated stress, the sympathetic nervous system is being triggered. This nervous system stimulates the new blood cell production, and has the common name as fight-or-fight response.

It is evident that this response is vital for survival. And its prolonged activation for a certain time period may affect the health of the respective human negatively.

According to a study of Ohio State University, the chronic stress is able to change the activation as well as the expression of the genes in the immune cells. The study was carried out on the animals.

The genes that are leading towards inflammation are being expressed at over standard levels when the activation of these very genes is diminished, which might suppress.

John Sheridan, the Associate Director of Ohio State’s Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research or the IBMR, states that if a person is having negative impacts regarding the emotional contents of life for a long time, then the gene expression of his or her immune system might e harmed. Sheridan is a co-lead author of the concerned study.


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