Watermelon Prevents Weight Gain And Heart-Attack

Scientists have researched and deduced that only a single slice of watermelon, if consumed on a regular basis can keep a keep a person away from a number of heart ailments. Not only this, but it can also prevent weight gain in a person. The study also brought out the fact that this characteristic of watermelon is based on the fact that it prevents the cholesterol build-up in the body which mainly leads to all these issues.

The team of researchers at Purdue University conducted the study on mice by feeding it with a high-calorie (with high fat content) diet. They further added a watermelon slice to the regime and noticed that the fruit not just reduced the low-density lipoprotein or LDL accumulation rate but actually halved it. LDL on the other hand is a variety of cholesterol which is well-known for clogging arteries and finally leading to different heart diseases. Watermelon also efficiently checks the rate of weight gain along with the reduction in the rate of fat deposition in the blood vessels.

According to the researchers, watermelon contains a type of chemical compound in its juice called Citrulline which contributes mainly to its health-boosting properties. Prior studies have reported that this particular chemical has a role in bringing a reduction the blood pressure and thereby, preventing the risk of heart diseases.


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