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Alarming Rate Of Nomophobia Increasing Across The Globe

The children within the age group of 10 and 30 years are suffering the havoc loss, and are turning to mental patients created consciously by the alarming effect of not having a mobile phone at their disposal.

The rising interest among the young crowds for the latest technology stuffed with various games in the smart phones has increased alarmingly the cravings for such phones. A survey conducted by Cisco and its chief technology officer Kevin Bloch have confirmed that while driving about 20% of the people uses smart phone while recklessly driving on road .

Some people even forget that this misuse of phones creates the death pit for their existence. While crossing roads, rail track or driving such rapid usages of phone disrupts their concentration and it may endanger their existence to a large extent.

The reports further add notifications that this extreme attachment with the phone leads to the disease of nomophobia where the anxious missing results in such mental sufferings.


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