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Russia Is Determined To Keep Their Forces In Ukraine

ukraine crisisRussia has expressed their determination that their troops will remain in Ukraine to protect their own citizens and also for the interest of their own country, at large. In spite of repeated requests from US and the UN that they are violating international terms and conditions by violating law, Russia has taken more or less control of the Crimea region.

To counter the military attack of Russia, Ukraine government has started mobilizing their forces. Though Crimea has become the main flashpoint at the time being, huge demonstrations are going on in the eastern region of Ukraine. Russian navy has ordered the Ukraine counterpart to surrender or they will attack.

Russian government is saying that there are many Russians in Ukraine who feel that the state must come under the governance of Moscow. It has been witnessed that around 2000 people with Russian flags in their hands were seen protesting in front of the government office building in Donetsk to raise their voice against appointment of a new pro Kiev governor.

Russian stock markets has been affected by the crisis with the main MICEX index going southward by 9% in the early hours of the trading. Russian currency fell to all time low against the US dollar. Russian banks have also increased their basic lending rate to 7% from 5.5%.

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