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Widespread Strike And Protests In Greece On Account Of State TV Closure

There has been rapid strike and political doldrums in Greece due to the ban on media, promotions and publicity. Unions in Greece have carried on mass demonstrations against the ban on freedom of expressions. There has been a major setback due to the closure of state run TV and radio which in turn has demolished governmental treaty.

This has brought in huge protests around the streets and every corners of Greece where the placards and signboards are publicly demonstrating the dictatorial regime for banning the press and media exclusively. It has largely affected public transport and communications were totally disrupted in the city, the important area of operations like hospitals and airports saw the deployed plight to a large extent, where the inbound flights had to make an emergency landing between 3:00 and 5:00 pm.

Conservative party Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has insisted that the Hellenic Broadcasting Corp. ERT will be officially closed and somewhat 2600 staff is no longer needed. They are considered as the extras before the new public broadcaster opens up by next summer.

This rippling effect has brought in fresh ideas of mass protest and demonstration alleging the manipulation of the Prime Minister with the citizens at large.

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