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Fearless And Charismatic Bal Thackeray Is No More

The entire city of Mumbai along with Maharashtra is in an awe of deep shock with the demise of their beloved leader –Bal Thackeray. A cartoonist at heart which later went on to become the voice of Maharashtrians and founded the Shiv Sena party came a long way. With 45 years of fearless leadership, Bal Thackeray has been a ray of hope for all Maharastrians across the country and has always extended his support towards the upliftment of the people of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra has come to a standstill today. Amazingly the entire shut down happened gracefully without any news of violent reaction by any Shiv Sainik supporter at any place. With tears in eyes, supporters have flocked around Matoshree-Bal Thackeray’s residence to pay their last tribute to the leader. A rapid action force has been put into action at various part of Maharashtra to carry out the funeral procession activity peacefully.

Bal Thackeray remained a candid and unperturbed personality even at the age of 86 but never joined any elected house of representatives though he created a Shiv Sena party of its own with his ideologies thereby creating a new brand of politics. Journalists, critics, politicians, celebrities, businessman and people from every section of the society have mourned the death of Bal Thackeray. Many people consider Bal Thackeray as a spontaneous and a great leader who never make false promises and abide by his ideologies.

JIT Mukherjii
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