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President Vanishes From Capital, Leaving Ukraine On Verge Of Turmoil

Ukraine, the country which has been in news for a quite a few time has met with an unforeseen situation once again. It was President Viktor F. Yanukovych, who had fled from the country’s capital to somewhere in the eastern part of Ukraine, leaving the future of the citizens and the nation in hands of turmoil and violent confusion.

Such a sudden vanishing of the President along with Interior Ministry troops and riot police officers is something quite unusual and aims at a grave constitutional machinery breakdown. Presumably this incident hints at the treaty that had a speculation of trimming the powers of the President to an extent and restoring peace in the country as quickly as possible.

Sergey Belaus, a major in Ukraine’s state protection service said that he had handed over the control of the then fled President Mr.Yanukovych’s living quarters and his tennis court to the head of an anti-government agitation organised by the militants.

Sources from the Election Commission reveal that now there may be an orderly new leadership, headed by the established opposition parties to fill up the nullified space left behind by President Yanukovych.

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