NBA Rejects Fashion Frenzy Mask, LeBron Appeals For Review

NBA: New York Knicks at Miami HeatAce basketball player and fantastic sportsman, LeBron James created a buzz in the atmosphere by wearing a black carbon-fiber mask, as a means to protect his broken nose. LeBron was seen wearing such a mask in a match where his side were triumphant over New York Knicks.

However the NBA has requested him to change the mask and put on something more traditional and clear in the next match. NBA spokesman Tim Frank said that the player was in a way resilient by choice to wear such a mask as the clear mask with which he was uncomfortable was not ready.

James, however is still trying emphatically to get clearance and has made an appeal against the decision. According to the sources James is very fond of that mask and likes the fit of it, also he likes the style of it, which along with its colour perfectly blends with Heat’s black throwback uniforms.

Unfortunately though, James shall wear a clear mask in their next match on Saturday and he will need to personalize it to his desired extent. Fans however liked the mask and was a massive hit among them, even his teammates posted pictures with it on social media. It became so popular that Heat started selling T-shirts with a masked James on them.

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