Who Won Dancing With The Stars 2010?

You must have been thinking to be Bristol Palin, but believe me, this time America voted honestly. The Dancing with the Stars 2010 winner is the best dancer of the competition Jennifer Grey. Her performance was really the best in the evening amid the fact that she overcame her pain of slip disc to win America’s best dancing show.

Dancing With The Stars 2010, Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey- the winner of Dancing With The Stars 2010

The runner up of Dancing with the Stars winner 2010 award went to the charismatic actor Kyle Massey while the third position went to Bristol Palin. Seeing the final results of the show, critics were seen whispering to each other – what happened, Tea Party supporters did not vote this time en bloc? Or they have some morality to correct themselves and say, enough is enough.

Once Bristol was out of the race, it became a matter off foregone conclusion that the Jennifer Grey is going to become the DWTS winner.. At every stage of the competition, she was a brilliant performer and she overcame all her obstacles – her back ache pain and the age of 50. Audience and the judges were simply thrilled to see her performance and considered how someone with so much physical obstructions can make such a flawless performance.
Jennifer Grey cried after being announced as the Dancing with the Stars winner 2010 and she paraded with the trophy and finally she was raised in the air by the fellow contestants.

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