Aaron Paul Eagers For Comeback Into Breaking Bad

aron paulAaron Paul says that he has made his eagerness known to the producers about appearing in the “Breaking Bad” spin off series again and has had serious talks with them. He had earlier played as a low-level drug dealer named Jesse Pinkman in the series.

While promoting his upcoming film “Need For Speed”, Aaron remarked in an interview that anything involving director Vince, he will be glad to be a part of it. According to Aaron, he owes his entire career to him.

Aaron’s career saw a great breakthrough after he played in “Breaking Bad” and ever since then he owes credit to the ace director Vince Gilligan and looks forward to work with him on any project. It was a massive hit and Aaron became widely popular. Undoubtedly such a role was a landmark in his career as an actor and gave him his own identity in the film world.

With critical appreciation, “Breaking Bad” sustained five seasons and ended last year. The show’s creator Gilligan is now looking on the show’s roster of talents for the new series involving a shyster lawyer. The lawyer, named Saul Goodman will be played by Bob Odenkirk in a theatrical premiere which is supposed to be in November on AMC.

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