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Crocodile Swallows Nokia Handset: Phone Starts Ringing In His Stomach

A 14 years old crocodile at an aquarium ate a mobile phone dropped by a woman visitor while she was trying to photograph him. This report has been published recently all over the web which states, the crocodile named Gena is now refusing food and acting lethargic. The aquarium staffs could not believe the complainant Rimma Golovko whose mobile phone has been eaten by the crocodile. Rimma went to visit the aquarium in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk and unfortunately lost her mobile phone this way. An employee reports, initially they didn’t believed her, “But then the phone started ringing and the sound was coming from inside our Gena’s stomach and we understood she wasn’t lying.”

Rimma repented that if she could have photographed this dramatic shot of “crocodile swallowing her Nokia phone”, then it would be perhaps one of the most stunning incidents of her life.

Rimma still wants her SIM card back since it contains many precious photos and contact numbers.

The accident has created bigger health problems for the crocodile, sinec it has not eaten or had a bowel movement in last four weeks and suffering from immense pain and depression.

His behavior has also changed, he shows very little movement and swims much less than he used to.

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