Armstrong Could Not Overcome Doping Allegations In His Farewell

Though people expected a smooth and bidding farewell of the seven times Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, but the reputed sportsman could not avoid media grilling on the charges of doping against him. Of late, a sports magazine has come out with fresh charges of doping against the 39 year old American.

Incidentally, Armstrong has been under scrutiny since the time his former team mate Floyd Landis made accusation against him for doping in the month of May. When reporters asked him about the charges of doping, Armstrong said, ”I have got nothing to say.”

The media continued to grill him, as he has faced several charges of taking different substances throughout his sporting career. But this sportsman from Texas has never been proved positive of taking anything. At the later stage, he got angry with a media reporter and asked him whether he has any problem in understanding the clear English that he is not going to comment on anything.

In the game, Armstrong safely finished in 42nd place and Ben Swift from UK won the match to secure the first win in 2011 of the Team Sky. Australian Robbie McEwen, team mate of Armstrong was placed second.

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