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Implementation Of Progressive United Concept Will Be The Real Hurdle

The Launch of Progressive United seemed to have got a tremendous response as many people are trying to log in to their website and log in. The website is down or getting slow due to a large number of traffic trying to enter.

The concept of Progressive United is a new initiative by former senator Russ Feingold. The basic objective of the forum will be to reverse the effects of the Citizens United decision. They are planning to take the movement to the grassroots level. They have also got plans to reduce the influence of corporate in politics.

The Progressive United aims at electing representatives who will be accountable to the common people, but not to any particular corporate. The form has also decided to extend support to the progressive candidates in any election, be it local, state or national level.

As per the norms set up by the forum, candidates of Progressive United will have to take their own lead and cannot accept any soft money or any form of unlimited contribution. If the initiative matures, then it will be wonderful development in the US society. But whether the concept is a realistic one, needs to be seen in the future.

Till now, elected representatives generally move on business centric interests until and unless there is major harm done to the common masses. The idea is great, and the impact will be greater if the plan can be implemented properly.

Jeff Foster is a freelance writer and has done his graduation in Mathematics. He loves writing and reading about the recent events in the social media. He has been working as a freelance writer for the last four years. He has got special interest in politics of the Western world. He is a very special member of the News365Today’s Editorial team.

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