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Miniskirt Raises Storm At Japanese Budget Carrier

japan airlinesThe Japanese budget airline Skymark has flown into rough air over its decision to outfit flight attendants in revealing the mini- skirts drawing criticism that it could invite sexual harassment from passengers. The Skymark airlines came under fire from the cabin crew’s labor union, said that the super short skirt barely covers the thighs of the flight attendants.

The Japanese federation of Cabin attendants said they are concerned that the design of this uniform would cause problems to the wearers including sexual harassment. They even added that the airline is saying that the uniform has been designed in this way in order to attract more customers but this shows that the company is treating women as a commodity.

The airline disputes the union claims and plans to introduce the uniform as a temporary promotion for the launch of domestic routes in Airbus A330 planes in the months of spring. The Skymark President Schinichi Nishikubo told reporters that they won’t impose the uniform on any of the cabin attendants if they refuse to wear it. He even said that it is disappointing that the outfits thus designed as a part of the ad campaign is being seen in a distorted way through various media sources.

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