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Samsung Claims To Have Found Child Labour In A China Factory

Samsung Electronics claimed that it has found clear evidences of child labor at a factory in China. The factory is itself a supplier of Samsung and is known as Shinyang Electronics. A probe was made on behalf of the erstwhile Samsung into the supplier after New York based campaign group called China Labor Watch, accused the supplier of employing child labour.

Samsung, a mighty electronics multinational firm from South Korea has temporarily severed all ties with the supplier following the investigation. According to the statements made by Samsung, the Chinese authorities are looking after the matter and if the investigations conclude with the claimed fact, then it will strictly abide by its policy of zero tolerance on child labour and permanently halt business with the supplier.

In addition to the above said statement, the firm clarified that it will strengthen its hiring process not only at its production house but also at its suppliers to prevent any repetition of such a case. Samsung said that it had made three audits on the supplier since 2013 with the final one ending on June 25 the present year. However there was no instance of child labour being employed during this three audits.

It was only after these audits that an investigation was launched by the China Labor Watch and found evidences of illegal hiring of children. This is the first time Samsung has reported about evidences of child labour at its suppliers and with this the firm is perfectly abiding by the responsibility it holds being a mighty corporate sector.

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