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Office 365 Pricing Is Within Affordable Range

Finally, the Office 365 from Microsoft has been launched. The company came out with a new program after they launched Beta nine months back. People are saying that the company has launched the Office 365 in response to the increasing popularity of the cloud based applications which are mainly used for communication and collaboration purpose.

Launching the product, CEO of Microsoft said that Office 365 is an application where cloud meets the office. As per description available from the company by the reporter of, Office 365 is the next version of BPOS which is also known as Business Productivity Online Suite.

The main applications of Office 365 include Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. It is based on the 2010 version and BPOS was based on the 2007 version. There is Lync Online available with Office 365 and it is an upgrade to Office Communications Online.

Another good part of Office 365 is that the users will get the option of having Office productivity applications which include Word and Excel. There are a variety of configuration options which range from e-mail version to highly sophisticated Office Professional Plus and voice communication facilities. The simple e-mail version is priced at $2 per user per month, while the most sophisticated one is priced at $27 per month per user.

The most attractive part of Office 365 is that it is very much suitable for businesses of any sizes. The application has been tested in around 200,000 companies and out of them, 70 per cent were small scale companies.

Some of the partners that will sell Office 365 along with their own services include companies like Bell Canada, Telefonica, Telstra, NTT communications and many more.


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