Are Chitrangada Singh And Jyoti Randhawa Happily Married?

It has been reported that Bollywood dusky beauty Chitrangada Singh and her better half renowned golfer Jyoti Randhawa has finally decided to end their 12 years of long bond of togetherness. However this statement was falsified by the star Chitrangada herself, she retorted saying that it was a family property dispute that has forced them to go to the court. They have embarked on a mutual difference but the real truth is still not revealed as the media kept on speculating about their recent upheavals. Though it has been commented that due to the busy schedule of Chitrangada she is unable to maintain both her personal and professional doldrums while Jyoti Randhawa wants her to be much more home bound with their 5 years old little son Zorawar.

Though the recent turmoil has made these star couple a little disappointed as their constant marriage is under limelight for a long time so they kept on denying saying that it’s a rumor only. They had tied their knots on 2001 and maintained this steadfast relationship of happiness for the past 12 years. The actress who had initially rocked the nation with Sudhir Mishra’s critically acclaimed Hazaroon Khwaishi Aisi in 2003 and has earned lots of accolades for her mind-blowing performance. After her 3 years of break from her career , 2005 to 2008 she again forayed into film industry and made a landmark very soon in this profession But the story goes whether she is primarily happy in her personal life too, that’s a million dollar question.


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